Conversion Rate Optimization

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

When a consumer visits your site, you want them to take an “Action” such as purchasing your product, signing up for your newsletter or requesting you to contact them. When that happens, congratulations; you’ve made a “Conversion.”

Conversion Rate Optimization (also known as CRO or Conversion Optimization) is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors to your website that took an Action.

Comparing those that took an Action compared to your total Visitors is your Conversion Rate (Actions ÷ Vistors = Conversion %)

Why is it Important to My Business?

Conversion Rate Optimization is a critical part of your marketing strategy as it’s often easier and less expensive to maximize your Conversion Rate than trying to generate more Vistors.  And attracting more visitors via Paid Campaigns is wasteful if you aren’t converting visitors when they arrive.

Our CRO process provides us with insight into how well your online marketing is performing and answers several questions including:

  • Where are my visitors coming from? Google, Bing, Facebook or your paid ad campaigns?
  • Has all the effort you’ve put into your Social Media campaigns delivered results?
  • Does one source outperform others when it comes to Conversions?
  • What pages do visitors enter my site and when do they leave?
  • Which of my AdWords campaigns are performing and which ones need attention?

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