Internet Marketing Services

1. Goal Setting

2. Market Research

3. Strategize

4. Execute

5. Reach & Engage

6. Convert

7. Measure & Evaluate

8. Reporting

What we do best

Internet Marketing Co. is a Digital Marketing Agency offering a broad suite of digital programs including Website Design, SEO (Local & Organic), PPC (paid search campaigns), Conversion Rate Optimization and Consulting.

Our team is passionate about combining eye-catching images, engaging content with the latest technology to make your website or online business stand out amongst your competitors.

We follow digital marketing Best Practices and do the work so you don’t have to. And we deliver a solid return on your marketing investment with proven, verifiable results.

Content Marketing

Creating and distributing awesome online content including informative web pages, videos, blogs or social media posts. Content Marketing builds brand awareness and stimulates interest in your products or services.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Attracting visitors to your website that don't convert to Customers is a waste of your marketing funds. Learn where your Customers are coming from, what triggers their ``Buy Now`` actions and make program changes to win more business.

Free Website Audit

Use our Website Audit Tool to see how your current website is performing. Our Report details issues could lower your site's visibility on searches and ``Ready for Action`` fix recommendations.

Local SEO

Local SEO makes it easy for local searchers to find your business. When Local SEO is done right, your business appears highly visible in search results and Google's ``Places`` section.

Marketing Consulting

We provide our clients with actionable advice, strategies that make sense and verifiable results. Take advantage of our 10+ years of experience and a team industry experts.

PPC / Paid Search

Increase traffic to your website - fast. Rather than waiting for ``organic`` search results to grow, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) provides quick filtering, targeting and attracting of consumers known to be interested in your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Better SEO means more website visitors, conversions, and ultimately, revenue. We help Google, Bing and the other search engines by making it easy for them to find you and understand your company, products, and services.

Website Design

First impressions are everything. Your website should create trust and credibility with visitors, giving them confidence that your product or service. A great website aligns your solutions to your potential customer's problems - perfectly.